Sing a song for you

Performed by Insect Politics

(NOTE: Lyrics may differ slightly from those shown below)

In my heart is where I long for you
In my smile I search for you
Each time you turn and run away I cry inside
My silly way, just too young to know any more

In my world the devil dances and dares
To leave my soul just anywhere
Until I find peace in this world
I'll sing a song everywhere I can
Just too young to know any more

The wind covers me cold
The starry skies all around my eyes
Far behind the city moans
Well worthy of the people there
Oh, the psalms they love to hear

So let me sing a song for you
Just to help your day along
Let me sing a song for you
One I've known so very long
Oh, please could you find the time.

Tim Buckley
Tim Buckley Music ASCAP

Released 2001
Artist self-release

Running time 3:16


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