Morning Glory - Live in London
(Also known as “The Hobo”)

I lit my purest candle close to my
Window, hoping it would catch the eye
Of any vagabond who passed it by,
And I waited in my fleeting house

Before he came I felt him drawing near;
As he neared I felt the ancient fear
That he had come to wound my door and jeer,
And I waited in my fleeting house

"Tell me stories," I called to the Hobo;
"Stories of old," I smiled at the Hobo;
"Stories of cold," I wept to the Hobo;
And I waited in my fleeting house

"No," said the Hobo, "No more tales of time;
Don't ask me now to wash away the grime;
I can't come in it's just too high a climb,"
And he stood before my fleeting house

"Then you be damned!" I screamed to the Hobo;
"Turn into stone ," I wept to the Hobo;
"Leave me alone," I knelt to the Hobo;
And he walked away from my fleeting house

Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett
Tim Buckley Music ASCAP/Third Story Music BMI

Released 1990 Enigma Retro/Bizarre Records
“Dream Letter: Live in London 1968”

Running time 3:43


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