Tijuana Moon

The padre told me all the hymns were born
Out of the saxophone
And I went down to test them all
Beneath the Tijuana moon

I saw violence in the room
Two broken lovers strong and strewn,
I drank myself into a dream

About the Tijuana moon,

Tijuana moon,
My daddy

Tijuana moon,
Oh my darlin'
Tijuana moon
Lord my daddy
Tijuana moon

You can keep the Texas blues
Tequila and the burning stone
But my amigo
Nothin's good
Against the Tijuana moon

Talk about daddy
Tijuana moon
Talk about lovin'
Tijuana moon
Talk about daddy
Tijuana moon

Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett
Tim Buckley Music ASCAP
19th Opus Music o/b/o Third Story Music, Inc. BMI

Released 1974 Discreet/Warner Brothers - "Look at the Fool"

Running time 2:38


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